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Water-dispersive interior

MF-3 -Double-dispersion interior paint

  • White, matte
  •   For internal work
  •   Stand to wash
  •   High melting ability


MF-3 - paint for interior work. It forms a washable stand, a vapor-permeable cloth-matt surface on the walls and ceiling. Grade 2 wet erase according to EN13300. It is intended for painting plaster, concrete, bricks, plaster surfaces, also fiberboard, chipboard, QSB and OSB, plywood, wood, paint and varnish coatings, fiberglass, wallpaper, including "Raufazer" fiber.

preparing basis

Preparation of the base is carried out according to DBN B.2.6-22- 2001 and DSTU-N B A.3.1-23: 2013. The surface should be clean, dry and suitable for treatment. Dust, remnants of lime whitewash, glue and oil-based coating, and other contaminations thoroughly removed. Durable alkyd coatings to dry and damp. Inequalities are aligned with a putty. Fresh cement plaster should be kept for at least 28 days. Absorbing and chalky surfaces, plastered areas to be treated with a primer. Fogged places are cleaned and treated with antiseptic solution.


COLORING: It is possible by any dye intended for coloring of acrylic paints, as well as specialized equipment for toning of paints.

Technical parameters

Usage guide

  • Composition
    suspension of pigments in aqueous acrylic dispersion with various auxiliary applications.
  • Solvent
  • Consumption per layer
    80-100 ml / m2 depending on the base.
  • Drying time of one layer
    1-2 hours. at a base temperature of + 20 ° C and a relative humidity of 60%.
  • In other conditions
    the drying and shutting deadlines may change.
  • Performance temperature
    from + 5 ° C to + 30 ° C
  • Warranty period in hermetically sealed factory packaging
    18 months.
  • Bucket packing
    1 liter (1.56 kg); 5l (7.8kg);

Mix thoroughly before use. Apply with a brush, roller or spray (including an airless method - "airless"). Do not paint at a substrate temperature below + 5 ° C or relative humidity above 80%.

Primary coating: dilute the paint up to 10% water.
Finishing: Do not dilute the paint.
The drying time of one layer is 1-2 hours at a basal temperature of + 20 ° С and a relative humidity of 60%. In others
the terms of drying and stamping may change.
Wash the tools with water immediately after work.

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